Graham Mummery


by Alexandru Potcoavă [Romania] translated from Romanian by Graham Mummery & Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC student]   “How’s my darling wife?” Colonel Petrescu’s vodka-soaked voice roared from the hallway. “I’m good, of course!” replied the lady-colonel from the living-room, in an irritated tone, while perusing a Soviet fashion magazine. “Finished the application?” “Finished for the day!“ […]


by Florentina  Crăciun Fabiola [Romania] translated by Graham Mummery & Dorina Burcea [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici   Hayfa was a beautiful half-Turkish, half-Romanian girl. Being an orphan at a young age, her mother, Samira, had been adopted by a Romanian family. She was given a good education but unfortunately she lost them […]

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