What does it really mean to be a criminal?


by Mario Șerban

Is it moral to be a criminal? Is a crime to be moral? What is a crime? What is objective morality? Disregarding the laws and rules of a mere society with blindful desires, I would like to continue by asking something else. If tomorrow all governments collapse and all kind of restrictions and barriers are no longer available, would you feel in safety? Would you kill to be safe?

Undoubtedly, Thomas Hobbes was not fooling himself when he used the Latin expression “Homo homini lupus”, which means man is wolf to man, in order to characterize the human nature by the concept of war against everybody. But was he right? Tersely, the philosopher was highlighting the selfishness provided by our greed for brutish yearnings in addition to defend our vanity, but in my humble opinion, i like to think that the human condition is more than just a senseless race for supremacy. Of course it is moral to be a criminal, you can break into a house to find evidence in order to prove someone’s innocence. Also, if you use your sense of morality to defend a friend by lying, or helping him to hide the truth, you become a criminal. Furthermore, can a crime be a crime if the criminal and the victim is the same? The answer is yes, if you don’t know who is responsible for all suffering, either individualist or collective, if you feel the pain is drenching you into the streams of chagrin and grieving your sorrowful mind in a dank cell which we call head, what can you do? Blaming others? If you’re looking for the guilt, you need only look into a mirror.

Henceforth, not only that we need to overwhelm ourselves, but we have the duty to pay the bail of developing an enlargement of people who believe in unity, in order to set us free. Besides this, we should cease to emphasize the misunderstandings between us, aiming to fade the alienation of ourselves, and stop acting like a bridge between two chasms.

What does it really mean to be a criminal?

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