Mario Șerban

Another irrelevant title

by Mario Șerban The limit of pain is just a greater pain and so on. Maximum pain is a myth. So, what’s the point of complaining? You will never share a nervous first kiss and both look away smiling and blushing afterwards. You will never be kissed on your cheek at random by your girlfriend […]

Anon goes for a walk

by Mario Șerban “to be – a doomful madness with crippling despair. to exist – a professedly everlasting hesitation” When random thoughts remind him how he used to feign kindness, the more ominous his psyche becomes. To be satisfied… what a pity Anon thinks that is. An individual lying to himself unconsciously. Pretending long enough […]

Romanian Psycho

[fragment din volumul de debut în curs de publicare] de Mario Șerban Pisa, 1 septembrie 2008 Aegri somnia vana Sunt un om bolnav, ca toți ceilalți. Visez și sufăr. Nimic special. Totul a început cand m-am născut. Din nou, nimic special. Întotdeauna am simțit că tragicul și comedia se vor distra teribil pasându-mi destinul de […]

Sisyphus between myth and reality

Debut by Mario Șerban Characters: SISYPHUS TANTALUS (Sisyphus sits on a stone block beside a stream. He glances over it, spotting a strange figure on the opposite shore) SISYPHUS(Elated): Hello over there, my fellow friend! May I help you? TANTALUS: Greetings camarade! I am looking for a stone.

What does it really mean to be a criminal?

debut by Mario Șerban Is it moral to be a criminal? Is a crime to be moral? What is a crime? What is objective morality? Disregarding the laws and rules of a mere society with blindful desires, I would like to continue by asking something else. If tomorrow all governments collapse and all kind of […]

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