As I Understand Them

by Allan Lake

He reminds her of his open door policy.

Free to go anytime. Says he’d pay

her airfare to anywhere if need be.

Climate change, glacial break-up.

Both previously locked onto someone;

neither would have that again. Still,

anyone can be a pain in the axiomatic.

She misses distant sun-soaked Sicily,

would like to be near family, soak up

warmth while sipping wine on a balcony.

He looks forward to intercourse with

ravens while walking into frosty

Tasmanian rainforest, into star-filled,

chilly night. No child, cat, dog or debt.

Free to go. Not a hint of anger.

With her key she would never scratch

parting memo on his shiny black car

as addendum to time invested/wasted.

They are bound by spidery threads:

whim, inertia, lack of foresight –

all the above plus animal love.



As I Understand Them

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