poems by Nigel Edwards



My heart feels broken, remembering the words you have spoken.

Eckoing around and around and around again.

Don’t want to remember, as sweet as sweet can be.

The words you said to said to me, forever and ever.

The last thing you said, I can’t get out of my head.

Don’t care if I’m gone, you make me feel like I don’t belong.

Feeling cold inside, my feelings I can not hide.

I know everyday I will feel this way.

Just one more thing I want to say, the love I have for you is not a game.

You think you can have fun and play.

What you have stolen, will always feel betrayed.




T.V. all day


Such a useless lump of dead weight, full of hate.

He does nothing but sit there all day with nothing to say.

A man without a wife, a man without a life.

Just couldn’t live my life that way watching T.V. all day.

When I listen to his stupid words, that man doesn’t even understand the bees and the birds.

Just sitting in his chair all day, how could anyone live there life that way.




What on earth


Can remember what that man said, want him to be dead.

Keeps calling me a little boy, he thinks he’s playing with a toy.

Going to treat him like a fool, just a tool.

What on earth has he been saying.

Not playing.




Cheap and tacky


Cheap and tacky this taming thing is so wacky.

The people of Cambridge, don’t even understand language.

In my home town, people need to slow down.

As I walk around, what they say is just some stupid sound.

The vile words that they spew out of there mouths, they are like sick animals.

They keep asking me who have I hit, this taming thing is bullshit.


poems by Nigel Edwards

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