poems by Vyacheslav Konoval



Like a child, I rejoice a winter,

I fly, I run on the first snow like a sprinter,

the falling snowballs to life reenter.




Eastern Horde


Swamp leader of the Eastern despotism,

preacting sо-сalled «Soviet peace» and isolationism,

wrote a historical pamphlet in the spirit of nationalism,

pages of it were overwhelmed by totalitarianism.


The «leader» had no empty words,

he gathered hordes and herds,

having equipment by grenades on their girds,

there is a horde of thousands of cowards.






In the world, each of us is one.

Maybe someone desire that life this is to deny,

but fate has differently it done.


You come in life alone,

You leave the world alone,

not everyone is allowed to sit somewhere on the throne.

poems by Vyacheslav Konoval

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