poems by Daniel de Culla

Devil’s ring


“Devil’s Ring” call the Clitoris

Some religious

And some cloistered nuns

What do they see in the vertical smile

Of the feminine loving body

The virtue that claps and kisses

The evil inclinations of the male

Or the devil

That are better than bread

Or the Couplets of the Mystique

What does she tell us like her:

-Well, let’s go to bed.

Let’s make sacrifice

That a good night anyone spends it.

The grace of seeing and touching a Clitoris

It appeared to me

While sleeping

Put the head

Under the pillow

Looking from the navel to Sex

And in the mesh of stockings

A stuffed with mystical crosses

Of a female who says that she goes

For mayor or president

Of a Community or Nation.

Like me, back in the day

I gave myself to Religion and Philosophy

I stripped this half body

Putting away all the crosses

Pulling them hard

Against the floor

Bowing to Pussy

That it was vicious, a thief and a forger

Ringing and pressing your doorbell

That it sounded like a plate or crockery

In a kitchen sink.

With the googly eyes of a monkey

I put my head between her thighs

Licking lips and nymphs

Biting her clitoris

Jumping, later, with it in the mouth.

She who saw it, she didn’t care

And, laughing, she blurted out this proverb

Leaning on a sideboard or table

Consistory Style:

“Laughing, and without Clitoris

I will win the elections.”



In this passageway


In this passageway

What I call “Passage of Love”

She cut a branch

I cut a flower

Making us two in one

Like the mule that goes to plow

With the donkey.

Playing the castanets

She waits for me at midnight

I played her tambourine

With the pestle handle

That resonates well

While the shepherd

What’s left in the town

Takes the sheep to the Ejido

Giving joy and life

To the sad and dark hermitage.

While in the barn

Stay more than four hens

Of sorrow crying.

-What a fool you are

I tell her.

-You really are stupid

she tells me

While on the roof

Cat and cat

Are making love.




The queen outlived


I met this great queen and better lady

In a game of colors

Of smiles and love

With a beautiful report about her

From a television in the bar at the Hotel L’Ancresse Bay

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Some time ago.

We, my girl friend from Northern Ireland

And I, a Spanish heartthrob

English both at heart

Suitable for each other

Applaud this report

That was priceless

Well, Queen Elizabeth II

Beautiful like no other

Physically very attractive

Showed an open mind

And a love for her people to the fullest.

So open she was

“A magical queen”

That even the rock music that challenged her:

“Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen”

The folk music of:

“The Stone Roses’ Elizabeth My Dear”

The distorted punk rock music of:

“Manic Street Preachers’ Repeat (Stars and Stripes)”

The Smiths with Morrisey’s sarcastic lyrics

And the guitars of Johnny Marr

In “The Queen Is Dead”

And “Dreaming Of The Queen”

Pop key song

From singer Neil Tennat of Pet Shop Boys

Made her smile

Without stealing her sweet dreams.

She,  the Queen

Slept with grace and gallantry

Like the one these groups showed

When singing

Demonstrating her ability to rule

With that beautiful face

Like that of a rose

Of the flowery month of April.

She, with real humor, said about these singers:

-“These Kids are like beetles that route”.

Definitely yes

She was “the Jewel in the Crown”.

Her reign was clear, colorful and beautiful.

She was proud of her reign

And her british people

Teaching us her special real meaning

And the power of it.

-Queen Elizabeth II distills “divine nectar”

“One day she became Queen

And she was Queen forever”

My Irish friend told me.

-Like you, I told her

That when I see you I sigh

When I admire your reflection

Because you are a girl

Doing and very pretty

And you’ve got a little house

Where our love nests.

-Don’t look so much at the Queen

That you make me angry, she told me.

I replied:

-I look at and admire that face so salty

And she makes me want to look at you

And steal your heart.

The Queen outlived!

Thanks to the orgasm squirts

From the television networks and world press

Announcing her last Orgasm

Addict to the people that sings:

“When the Queen pisses

The sovereign people says

That it’s raining.”

poems by Daniel de Culla

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  1. These Poems are very innovative with pretty pics with a sense of change and motion in humaning.
    Thanks for offering the opportunity to read and see the great de Culla’s Works and his Joys.
    Best Regards

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