Poems by Ion Buzu

translation from Romanian by Graham High & Elena Alina Cerchez [MTTLC student]

The fool

I’m mad. I escaped from the nuthouse
I keep in my right pocket a granade, and in the left one some poems that you rejected and burnt.
I my hand I hold a stick of carbon with which I could graffiti your walls which drag on me
I’m a schizo with 2 alternative personalities
I’m a schizophrenic shaman able to possess and be possessed by others
I’m a fool. In my left pocket I have some poems, and in the right one a granade I made myself
I’m your gratest danger!
I’m searched for everywhere!
You sent your biggest dogs after me
but I hold the grenade, the most beautiful poems and 2 alternative personalities
You can’t bring us down!
My dark eyes are opened
You’re afraid that I might kidnap someone free
I’m mad and I don’t understand what I am looking for in your world, your healthy world, a boring and suffocating world
But I’m a fool,I have a grenade, the most extraordinary poems, 2 alternative personalities and I will destroy your Empire to create my own civilisation,
I’m crazy and I hate those who want to help me. They had better become mad like me, Mad and alive
I’m mad and when the Simulacre and the Capitalist monster comes and swallows me, I’ll throw the grenade in his mouth.

Tyler Durden’s words

I will fiind the centre of your prison and I’ll destroy it
I will madly kidnap you and I’ll drag you into a Fight club basement where
I will shock you totally – like a fist crushing your face
I will destroy your mask, with your face on it
I will bring you in front of death and I’ll kill it right in front of you
I will put my gun to your temple and I’ll start your life from zero; real life
I will burn your hand, destroying your beginings
I am your salvation, I discover the true face of your human being
I will teach you how to take control of history
I will bring back your absolute freedom
I will teach how to fly without wings.

Poems by Ion Buzu

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