Poems by A.J. Huffman

Stale Hearts Drifting Apart


This is what happens

when silk turns

to stone.

This cold.

This gray.

This silence

is only the beginning

of the fall.

Such grief

is like an ocean.

Rushing in

to capture a smile.

Then dragging it out.

Just to hear its absence.

Echo back

from the waves.




A Rainbow’s Fountainhead


This world is all destination.

Yet I cannot stand

the constant motion


just to breathe.

So I crack.

My smile

is an earthquake.

A natural disaster.

Falling apart at random.

No warning.

Just debris.

I can see it

in your eyes.

You hate to sweep me away.

You know I will only come again.



Whatever it takes

to get you.

To believe.

I am the end

you need.






is admirable.  Meow.

(Hello Kitty.)  Maybe not.

Check the box.

Pandora’s not the litter.

If the lock is in tact we can

continue.  Theoretically,

(or was it metaphorically?)

[Meta]Physics dictate desire.

Which is something

we all direly need.

In the back of our minds.

And maybe the front of our beds.

(But that one is debatable.  And

often even interchangeable with)

The subject[ive] links

our subconscious to the superlative.

Est is the goal

The golden-keyed cherry-filled

sugar-coated apex.


Now, tell me again.

What will this hell do

once we’re there?


Poems by A.J. Huffman

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