Ana Bazac

The Priority

by Ana Bazac The idea of priority denotes a definite subjective origin of decisions and attitudes leading to new facts: which, first of all, are accomplished by humans. In other words, the feature of something to being a priority may never be confused with an objective and impersonal element or characteristic of reality. On the […]


by Ana Bazac As we know, the historically determined society based on power relations – i.e. of domination-submission, first of all on economical level – has functioned only with all the types of constraints on the majority of population, the ruled.  This means that rarity, the main ontological factor of the constitution of the human […]

“Marx” as paradigm

by Ana Bazac  Introduction in the “Marx” paradigm   “Marx” – like the Kantian Idea with regulatory function[1] – means here also Engels, as well as Lenin; and all the Marxist thinkers who, even developing rather fragments/aspects of the Marxist paradigm, have showed its integral constitution. “Marx” is not any leftist conception, neither called by the […]

The critique of the consumer society

by Ana Bazac At least from three decades we always hear critiques of the consumer society when the thinkers try either to show themselves as “modern”, dynamical, reformists or as “modern”, dynamical, defenders of the conservative values. Especially nowadays, a personage has no prestige if he/she does not tackle the problems in a critical manner[1]. But, […]

Fifty years since Guy Debord’s “La société du spectacle/The society of the spectacle”

by Ana Bazac What can one say by remembering Guy Debord’s book? Certainly: reminding the general historical context as well as the political appurtenance of the writer. But also the representativeness of the book and the necessity to go forward from it: because, really, to remain only, implicitly or explicitly, in the nostalgia occasioned by […]


by Ana Bazac A reassuring image/idea common people – and philosophers too – cherish is that if humans do not receive what they reasonably expect or need or if humans cannot be and act as they can (therefore, not according to some absurd desires), nevertheless they would receive something or would be something: the substituting […]


by Ana Bazac If I would dedicate this note to the upcoming Christmas, it would be simple bumkum: “holidays are always the occasion to show our compassion for the unfortunate, our goodwill, our charity, au fond our love for humans, are they?” And tear-exciting palaver about poor children and mothers finding their happiness (goods necessary for […]

Cleanness and the man-project

by Ana Bazac Between the everyday external goods man needs not only as a living being depending on the permanent exchange of matter and energy, but just in order to fulfill its specific function – the exercise of reason – according to Aristotle, there is one matter-of-course and which is so integrated in our routine […]

The regret

by Ana Bazac One of the most neglected concepts by philosophy was and is the regret. The reason is the huge content of personal responsibility towards the phenomena contemplated with sorrow. And for the regret is not only a sentiment of sadness related to what had happened – or could have happened but did not – […]


by Ana Bazac Times, and now the capitalist system crisis we live in, push to the prominence of some concepts instead of the former ones. As the crisis emphasizes contradictions and situations no one could conceive and believe before, common people – rather than the philosophers – arrive to feel as urgent concepts the intolerable, […]

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