Beneath The Charron Palace

by Oliviu Crâznic translation from Romanian by Nigel Walker and Alina-Olimpia Miron   „Unknown are the ways of the Blade. Yet it always shines Red.” Conrad Lorenz, Sanguinarium   “I have written to the Bishop. I am waiting on his answer.” The two men took no heed of my words. The dry, early winter wind […]

Sum Over Paths

by Bob Carlton I             Institutional tile. Fluorescent lighting. Distant sounds of doors opening and closing. Click of locks. No echo of footsteps. II             A woman steps out of a room and into the hallway. She is wearing sunglasses. I find this odd, though no more so than the fact that she immediately enters […]

The Red Boots of Hong Kong

by Lex Demoncock A big “Sale” sign hung in the window of the Beverly Hills Polo Club.  Only a desperate social climber would want to be seen by another desperate social climber wearing that label and only in Hong Kong, that hot-house, demo-model of consumer capitalism the Brits set up to diddle the Chinese Communists. […]

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