Lovecraft’s techniques with modern storytelling

by Costi Gurgu There aren’t many Romanian horror writers. There never have been. It’s not like there wasn’t a fertile field there; because the local folklore tells a different story. But lately, the social and political realities haven’t give it much opportunity. And then, there is Oliviu Craznic. A young writer who took it upon […]

Faintless Goats

by Mitchell Grabois The sensei had given her a Buddha name: Moon Pillow, which I thought suited her pretty good, though I can’t explain why, but it had something to do with Cat Steven’s song, “Moon Shadow.”   If I ever lose my mouth all my teeth go north and south If I ever lose my […]

poems by Holly Day

            Grief in Perspective   we drive back from the hospital, and I can’t talk anymore, he wants to talk. I nod my head at all the appropriate moments, smile, laugh, agree. he seems happy to talk about mundane things, the weather his mother, my parents, how weird it’ll be to go back to work […]

Man, The New Rat

[fragment from the novel “A Psychop’s Notebook” (in Romanian: “Caietul Psihopatului”), Herg Benet Publishers, 2015] by Ștefan Bolea translated by Ana-Maria Văduva [MTTLC] click pentru versiunea română   13th April, 1998 (Cluj) Cowards, the key to the human spirit is self-loathing! Six months since I gave up smoking. I need to expiate for my pain. Death is […]


by Mircea Pricăjan translated by Adrian Bucur [MTTLC] click pentru versiunea română He couldn’t have said that he had a good memory of when he had entered a church for the first time and, after all, it didn’t matter, for he had certainly been taken there in his youth, by his mother, perhaps during Easter, […]

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