Polite. Healing

(cronica nihilistei) de Cristina Nemerovschi (Morgothya) translated from Romanian by Silvia Bratu click pentru versiunea română   The second baccalaureate session has passed with as many tears and as much heart-breaking whining as the first session which took place at the beginning of this summer. Indignant students, terribly annoyed parents furiously cursing the poor teachers […]

e-Readers: Where We’re Going and Where We’ve Been

by Dee Mason   If you’d walked up to someone just ten years ago and asked him or her how popular books will be in ten years, they’d probably tell you that they’d have become obsolete. ‘They’ll be completely out-dated and replaced by computers’, they’d likely say. Yet, here we are and books are still […]

Poems by Sorin-Mihai Grad

Surrogate Memory translated by Nigel Walker & Alexandra Sârbu [MTTLC student] light was falling and breaking on the ground where I had spread grass and maize-flour rolls we were listening to rammstein on the quiet drinking from half grapefruits what we had squeezed out of them and debating the price of vegetables

Boysgirls by Katie Farris, or the Power of Allegorical Fiction through Theory and Poetry

by Chris Tanasescu  Katie Farris heralds the dawn of a “new literature” with both fierce audacity and untender irony. In her first book – from Marick Press – where fiction has the taste of jaded post-history story telling and the sound of poetry in the making, she first threatens the reader with a capital (or […]

Poems by Sorin-Mihai Grad

translated by Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ [MTTLC student] Surrogate of the rain no one is interested in politics anymore the poem about it burnt in ‘89 so no, another theme everybody writes about them, about love stories and affections, dreaming and afterwards crying and cursing and almost everyone gives up

Poems by Andrei Ruse

translated from Romanian by Nigel Walker & Loredana Matei [MTTLC student] #super hero (…) no one knows that I am a super hero A few might suspect it, but they wouldn’t bet a cookie. I am a super hero and I light my joint As a super hero does, From a carbonized old trout, An […]

Evil Blood

[Cristina Nemerovschi – Sânge satanic, Herg Benet Publishers, 2010] by Irina Du Plessis I began reading this book with my somewhat mediocre Romanian, though well enough trained in the arts of philosophy and other social sciences, to be able to grasp the subliminal messages thrust with brutal force in my face and down my throat! I found […]

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