poems by Bobby Z

At Peace


Deep inside my anguished dome,
my thoughts run wild
& my emotions roam.

There is a dangerous desire to achieve great things,
but my heart is someplace else,
and my mind can’t sing.

It is with these thoughts that i have long endured,
a fascination,
to be simple and pure.

To be someone and not like him,
time is short,
and the lites are beginning to dim.

I ran the race but always came up lame,
i fought the demons,
i’ll accept the blame.

Although i may not have liked the cards i was dealt,
my conscious is clear,
and i’m At Peace with myself.



Release me

deep inside, my vacant dome.
my mind turns weak, and my blood runs cold.

desires that were once on fire.
collide with my emotions, and continue to conspire.

diluted emotions, that fail to appear.
longing for someone, yet frozen with fear.

contemptible thoughts,that float thru the air.
you’re a rouge in disguise, confined to your chair.

you search for justice, please release me from these chains.
the magnitude of torment, consolidates the pain.

you reach for the lever, all systems are go.
tormented expressions,constantly asking why is it so.

tortured memories, that smother your face.
as you slither into the darkness, without even a trace.

Finally Released after 80 years

poems by Bobby Z

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