Cat Eyes

by Robert Fenhagen (USA) pentru versiunea română click aici   Staring into the Siamese cat’s eyes, I imagined things that made me wonder if I were going crazy.   “You have been marching for years.  Have you any ideas as to where you are marching to?” asked the cat.   And     “I am […]

Poems by Sorin-Mihai Grad

translated by Stella Davis & Mădălina Moţ [MTTLC student] Surrogate of the rain no one is interested in politics anymore the poem about it burnt in ‘89 so no, another theme everybody writes about them, about love stories and affections, dreaming and afterwards crying and cursing and almost everyone gives up

Poems by Andrei Ruse

translated from Romanian by Nigel Walker & Loredana Matei [MTTLC student] #super hero (…) no one knows that I am a super hero A few might suspect it, but they wouldn’t bet a cookie. I am a super hero and I light my joint As a super hero does, From a carbonized old trout, An […]

Respect of Time, Ethics and Sustainable Development

by Ana Bazac The aim of this paper is to keep attention to the contradictory and limited character of the concept of sustainable society if one excludes the critical perspective over the social structure and the social relations from within the present society.

Evil Blood

[Cristina Nemerovschi – Sânge satanic, Herg Benet Publishers, 2010] by Irina Du Plessis I began reading this book with my somewhat mediocre Romanian, though well enough trained in the arts of philosophy and other social sciences, to be able to grasp the subliminal messages thrust with brutal force in my face and down my throat! I found […]

Poems by O. Nimigean

translated by Chris Tanasescu & Martin Woodside the first.  the second (“primul. al doilea” from weekend printre mutanţi, Pan, 1994) god doesn’t give you the first that you look for alone straying step by step from your fellow of flesh of blood of word—I look

Poems by Ştefan Bolea

uproar translated by Joan Michelson & Andreea Banciu [MTTLC student] I do not fear hell, but the purgatory I have survived – the deafening fires. I even had my faction. we called ourselves the bloody ones because the waking nights burst in our eyes and inside the umber iris.

Poems by Sorin-Mihai Grad

translated by Nigel Walker & Alexandra Sârbu [MTTLC student] Surrogate of Indifference I’m painting some eyes on an evening dawn and I imagine that I dream in blue no pain tempts me other than the old ones that everybody forgot in me or whatever name may have the last mistake in which I believed

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