Gianina-Aniela Câşleanu

“My thoughts are images”

[interview with Şerban Andrei Mazilu] by Ştefan Bolea translation from Romanian by Dorina Burcea [MTTLC student] & Gianina-Aniela Câşleanu click aici pentru versiunea română     1.   You are in the forefront of a generation that will most probably turn its back to Romanian language. What do you win and what do you lose?   […]

The Concierge

by A. R. Deleanu translation from Romanian by Nigel Walker and Gianina-Aniela Câşleanu [MTTLC student]   click aici pentru versiunea română   When the creature went past his car, flashing on and off, like lightening in the night, the traveller knew he had to pull over. He couldn’t see what it was. A dog, a […]

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