Philippa Lawrence

Cherry Cream

by Alexandru Potcoavă [Romania] translated by: Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC] & Philippa Lawrence pentru versiunea română click aici    The poplar leaves were rustling gently, spun by the warm July wind.  Beyond the row of tall trees, the stone-faced embankment, topped with gleaming railway lines, ran like a rampart from Timisoara to Şag Timişeni. On this side […]

How I started kiling my neighbours on a February afternoon

by Cristina Nemerovschi [Romania] translated from Romanian by Philippa Lawrence & Ioana Vilcu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română Today I threw away my address book, TV, and mobile phone. I erased all my online contacts and cut the Internet cable. I found an old mobile which still contained the phone numbers of some […]

A tea party

by Alexandru Potcoavă [Romania] translation by Philippa Lawrence and Alina-Olimpia Miron pentru versiunea română click aici   A tea party! A tea party! ‘A cup of ‘tea’, anyone?’ asked Pista, the caretaker. ‘Your tea will be the death of us!’ laughed young, pregnant Mrs Kurzweil from Apartment 7 who was dressed in an exquisite black sequinned evening […]


                                                                                                      by Robert Şerban (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Philippa Lawrence and Silvia Bratu, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici  If it begins pouring with rain, when you’re waiting for the no. 8 tram at the stop next to the Abattoir, the only place to shelter is the lobby in the block of flats opposite. […]

The Managing Director’s Cigarettes

by Alexandru Potcoavă (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Philippa Lawrence and Cristina Mihaela Sandu (MTTLC) pentru versiunea română click aici    Exactly five minutes before the clock above the entrance of the Szana Bank struck nine o’clock, Rezső Halle opened its street door and hurried up the stairs. When he reached the landing, as on every morning, […]

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