by Larry Smith The sculptor who accompanied Alexander the Great to the Peshawar basin muses on the triumph of the Hellenes…   . Undid the Aspasioi…


by DC Diamondopolous Drunk and stoned, Scott staggered out the door of the Whiskey a Go Go and into the night. A blurred neon sign…

poems by Hibah Shabkhez

Under the Skin   Would I fain not peel these subterfuges Neatly, like a banana’s yellow shell Off these your eyes locked in a forced…

poems by Robert Beveridge

Last Night   We curled around one another and let the night drift in through the window and wash over us


poem/essay by Brian Glaser   1. The source of wisdom in you cannot be exhausted by your limbs


by Donald Dewey   Giraffe munching on the highest leaf, you are a freak on your skyscraper diet. Your neck is yanked from your heart,

poems by Sara Pleșa-Popescu

The Railway   There used to be a railway line in our home, but our house was made of stone and steel. We used to…

poems by Moldvai Barna

emptiness what a prologue seems like is a canvas painted on the knife who knows if it’s real or just a haze inside are two…