poem by James G. Piatt

Being   Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is. | Jean-Paul Sartre                                                                                                                       Inhaling the last breath of the day’s dwindling hours, an aging man’s

Fishing for a Connection

by Douglas Young      Before the plane took off, a stewardess stood in the aisle explaining in a bored monotone what to do “in the highly unlikely event of an emergency.” Addison Armistead contemplated whether he preferred to survive should the plane crash. After such a pleasant stay at the conference in New Mexico where […]

The Story An Addict Me Can Tell.

by Sharafadeen Muhsinah  It was night and I already ate my dinner while I was ready to pray my last Rakats (obligatory prayer) for the day when I stumbled on a post of one my seniors in the university who studies nursing and was just posted to “ARO” for one of her practicals. The status […]

Can One Cigarette End a Relationship?

by Ronald Merkin             Just before leaving home Hal thought of a joke he’d like to tell during his performance that evening. To lead into it he’d need a plant in the audience, but he wouldn’t have a chance to talk with any of its members beforehand. Unable to think of anyone to ask at the […]

The legacy of the Tamancos

by Rubem Didini Filho The Neanderthals, an extinct species of hominids, lived in Europe and parts of Asia approximately between 400,000 and 40,000 years ago. Their existence spanned a significant period of time before eventually becoming extinct. The Tamancos Neanderthals appeared to shed light on the world about the secrets of a civilization that lived […]

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