by DC Diamondopolous The same sun scorched downtown Los Angeles that had seared the Iraq desert. Army Private First Class Samantha Cummings stood at attention holding a stack of boxes, her  unwashed black hair slicked back in a ponytail and knotted military style. She stared out from Roberts Shoe Store onto Broadway, transfixed by a […]

poems by Joel Schueler

Homage to the Lark The dark rims of his glasses support the magnification of a world of darkness all his own. If I crawl to the vacant church falling emptily from love lost, a loneliness less empty commences per the congregated silences to have fallen through the years. Voices in a sacral act echoing a […]

Not Yet

by Thomas Elson             I had driven through the bleached and battered downtown. Across the railroad tracks – once six tracks wide, now two, then the highway – once two-lanes, now four, and entered a neighborhood unseen in over fifty years. The town’s familiar acrid and mossy odors crept through the car vent. Not much […]

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