The Poetess

by Doug Dawson I thought I was smart – 39 years old and still running around – a sexual libertine who loved wild women and sexual conquests. Over the years I’d cut a swath through the arts community and in my spare time dated love-starved ex-nuns, socialites, cheating housewives, well-padded matrons, a swimsuit model, a […]

Conversation with God

by Ramzi Albert Rihani I have a few questions that I will be grateful if you could send down your answers. I say “send down” because we’ve been taught that you are up in heaven. God forbid, you cannot be down in hell. That’s where bad things happen. You are the almighty, the most powerful, […]

poems by Yusra Usmani

 Manifesto   A man needs something outside of his comprehension to revere, or else he makes an idol out of his own intelligence. The absurdity of a God who’s both the first and last; the manifest and hidden; the creator and destroyer, is necessary for this reason. The excess of religious art and architecture thrills […]

Caine, Utah, Washington and Maine

by Thomas M. McDade I hitchhiked to Salt Lake City in 1986. I’d just read Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. My adventures were no match for his, no ride in a rig hauling dynamite or truck like he boarded in Iowa City, driver “crazy and yelling,” and definitely not the flatbed loaded with other pilgrims […]

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