Experimental short stories [II]

by Kevin Johnson Murillo Regent He cut the apple with an umbrella. The apple was shaped like a pear. Actually, it was a hat. An old lady was wearing it. She wasn’t pleased. Loud reproaches. The constable and his cronies swiftly arrested him before he could protest. Swoon of quick vehicles, headlights. Then not-so-quick vehicles. […]

Carmilla By Sheridan Lefanu: The Narrative Within

by Bud R. Berkich Introduction: Carmilla (1872) by Sheridan LeFanu is a classic work of Victorian literature. But, is it classic vampire literature? This reader, after a careful study of the work, says “no.” In fact, not only is Carmilla not vampire literature, it really has nothing to do with vampires at all. Yes, it […]

The Light in the Cemetery

by Douglas Young      Ellis Hawkins and Julep McBride sat together on the high school bus taking them home on a late Friday spring afternoon. They had grown up next door to each other on Woodlawn Avenue across the street from the largest local cemetery. Born weeks apart, Julep and Ellis were playmates from the […]

Translate? Trans-Great!

by Andrew Evans Well, I had done it again. I had gotten myself lost, in a new and bustling world city. My lust for adventure and culture had become a source of amusement to my family and friends. I was constantly blundering around blindly, oozing a false sense of confidence in my non-existent orienteering skills.

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