poem/essay by Brian Glaser   1. The source of wisdom in you cannot be exhausted by your limbs


by Donald Dewey   Giraffe munching on the highest leaf, you are a freak on your skyscraper diet. Your neck is yanked from your heart,

poems by Sara Pleșa-Popescu

The Railway   There used to be a railway line in our home, but our house was made of stone and steel. We used to…

poems by Moldvai Barna

emptiness what a prologue seems like is a canvas painted on the knife who knows if it’s real or just a haze inside are two…

Another irrelevant title

by Mario Șerban The limit of pain is just a greater pain and so on. Maximum pain is a myth. So, what’s the point of…

poems by John Grey

History Repeats   I sat out on the sun deck watching history repeat itself. My next-door neighbor left for work. His kids headed off to…

Night Visit

by Z. I. Sadeq 1 Behold me!– Cowards and last men! It is me, the not-man. My soul is marked

poems by Livia Creț

Fries   I’m gonna take a great time talking about fries And nothing else Fries – meaningless, right? But doesn’t it soothe you?

poems by DS Maolalai

A cabin fire.   from the window, behind curtains, rain cracks like logs in a cabin-grate