by Niles Reddick             I told them I was innocent, but the cops didn’t believe me, my ex didn’t believe me, and most of my friends and family didn’t believe me either. I’d been in for five years, got my degree free online, and when I never expected it, one of the guards came to […]

My Own Face, not anyone else’s

[book excerpt] by Vikas Prakash Joshi The spectators watched with bated breath and pounding hearts. This was the moment they had all waited for. Bathed in Pune’s gentle early morning September sunshine, the Khadki Football Ground echoed with raucous, full-throated cries of “GO DIS!” and “Come on Royal!” It was the finals of the Pune […]

The Bell Tower

by DC Diamondopolous Reverend Langston Penniman sat on the edge of his bed, stretching his black fingers. Everything had either twisted up on him or shrunk except his stomach. Once six-foot-five, he now plunged to six two, still tall, but not the imposing dignitary he once was standing behind the lectern in front of his […]

The Viral Thief

by Angandeep Kr Chatterjee PROLOGUE The alarms have started to ring. The shrill sound of the alarms in the museum broke the silence of the night as it was immediately followed by several footsteps approaching. The entrance to the hall was slowly getting closed as the iron gate descended. Arun Glowsky looked towards the entrance […]

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