poems by Ivan de Monbrison

translated into English from the Russian originals by the author We are Sunday morning, the month of May 2022 is almost over, Saturday night, there was a soccer competition in Paris, this morning the city was full of garbage that the fans had left everywhere, they had even broken tree branches. A jay was lying […]

Alone Together

by Jason Bentsman                 Am I destined to become one of these wretches sitting at the café at eleven pm every Saturday night? One is hunched over a little notepad, scribbling something intently. Poetry? Notes? Scribbling something inscrutable with almost affected concentration and intensity. He wears a black […]

So Help Me God

by Marcelo Medone In 1975, Borges confessed in a story to having received an infinite page book from a Scottish bible dealer who had obtained it “in the farthest regions of Bikaner”, trading it in exchange for several books that he had treasured as a good bibliophile. This book, called by Borges the Book of […]

Shahrak Gharb

[excerpt from a novel] by Layla Sabourian Tehran, 1984 Azadeh was comfortable financially, so she was the one that finally decided to take me to a psychiatrist. This was nearly unheard of in Iran, but it was a last resort for me. The ‘doctor’ was a man about fifty years old, with a salt and […]

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