short story


                                   by Gheorghe Sechesan  Translation from Romanian by Roxana-Andreea Dragu, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici   –          It was hardly by the book, said the Lady-angel, still filing the tips of her wings, an activity which she had started in one of the previous episodes, but hadn’t finished until the present time (the current […]


by Bogdan Munteanu Translation from Romanian by Dorothy McCarthy and Raisa Lambru, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici   You might think that Marişca is an irresistible woman. That she’s damn pretty, that she’s got naturally curly hair, either blonde or dark, depends which you like, that she’s joyful, that she’s got something attractive about […]

Editorial note

  Welcome To EgoPHobia’s Short Story section!   pentru versiunea română click aici     As fellow writers and persons exploring the creative process, we were always looking for new forums and places to both exhibit our work and latearn from others. So, we decided to begin our own place (and when we say ‘our’, we mean ‘our’) One […]

Back to Ithaca

  by Mircea Danieluc [Romania] translated from Romanian by: Ruxandra Câmpeanu and Wendy Stein pentru versiunea română click aici   Yes, Iulică, you are across from the Queensboro Bridge, at 208, Poinsettia.  This is Kirk’s place. You wear cologne. You have moved in with this pudgy gentleman.  He is over sixty years old, he owns a pacemaker […]

The Muff Pistol

by Viorel Marineasa [Romania]  translated from Romanian by Dorothy McCarthy and Oana Badea pentru versiunea română click aici   The first things you find out about yourself derive from others, of course, but  soon are becoming so pressing that you seem set out in your  return to them, if not all the time, at least very […]

The diary of a robot

by Frank Lee Jones [USA] pentru versiunea română click aici   I wish I were a robot. In the end we all become robots, without knowing, without wanting, without feeling how we mechanise ourselves slowly, day by day and cog by cog, in a relationship. All becomes empty of sparks and full of mechanical pieces and […]

Doppler Effect

  by Horia Dulvac [Romania] translated from Romanian by Manuela Stancu pentru versiunea română click aici   The aunt who made me empty dozens of buckets of water into the ditch, buckets as small as thimbles, would ask me every time: `Are you a witness I gave them water?` `I am!`. Back then, in the South, rumours […]

When the rain comes down

                                                           by Robert Fenhagen [USA] pentru versiunea română click aici     “Oh, my God!  She’s peeing on the carpet!”   The Assistant Curator quietly said to her assistant.. […]


by Oxana Silviu [Romania] Translation from Romanian by A.C. Clarke and Iris Butnariu  pentru versiunea română click aici     I walked slowly towards the counter. He was already there. I just have to close my eyes for a second and the entire scene starts rolling again … I took out a crumpled sheet of paper […]

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