by Alexandru Ionaşcu Life I was in a __________________ God – forsaken I slept a ___________________ God – forsaken I died a_____________________God – forsaken I dreamt a ___________________ God – forsaken I viewed a __________________ God – forsaken I touched a __________________ God – forsaken I fucked a __________________ God – forsaken I drank a […]

poems by A.J. Huffman

A Forgotten Space   I watch the world through glasses made of lead. Their cold, gray vision proves most accurate, if top-heavy.  A great deal of weight to carry, I rest often, lying in pools of pessimistic slush. My body begins to emulate the texture of seepage, dreams of becoming quicksand, waits patiently for the […]

Freight Train

by Mitchell Grabois     When, onstage, the Who’s Peter Townshend began smashing his guitar, he was looking for a sound that summed up existential truth. When Toto Fez, leader of the Ceades of Distruction, a local Chippahitchka band, followed suit, he was thinking of splitting wood and of his time in prison.

Living in the Eternal Now

by Jenean McBrearty                                           Rachel watched the skinny-dippers with sad eyes though her eyes were smiling, pained that they were free. they had more than written rights. these American with their loud laughter and wonton mindlessness. Their clothes were patriotic—everything red, white and blue—even their racing silks sported stars with the stripes. The […]

The Fall

by Dan Dobrin   Millenia ago, on a remote planet, a battlefield among many others, raged a war of destruction and protection. The bloodiest documented war, between the original races. While the Inquisitors, the Original Evil, sought to destroy this planet full of nothing more than just a few mindless creatures, whose only purpose was […]

Trovants of Costeşti

by Tantra Bensko     The stoney spheres feel the force of their own cemented sand. It weighs them down. They reach their mind into the deep deep ground. Through layers of porous sand and carbonates. They are that deepest ground 6 million years ago. What is time to a Trovant? They breathe in and […]

Tragedies Which Are Meant To Happen

by Gherasim Luca translated from Romanian by Ştefan Bolea     I am free so I can pay attention to the things around me my fingers shivering like poplars, short as bullets squeezed firmly the woman’s white neck like ancient poets were squeezing in their usual love fits for nature flowers – sheep –  field […]

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