short story

Bath Watch

  by Igor Ursenco Translation from Romanian by AC Clarke and Laura-Cristina Badea, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici After watching one of the usual fun episodes of the American TV series, starring the remarkable Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff in their wannabe-cinema stars youth, George and Maria, arm in arm, but for different […]

Cat Eyes

by Robert Fenhagen (USA) pentru versiunea română click aici   Staring into the Siamese cat’s eyes, I imagined things that made me wonder if I were going crazy.   “You have been marching for years.  Have you any ideas as to where you are marching to?” asked the cat.   And     “I am […]

The Detector

by Carmen Firan (USA) Translation from Romanian by Mirona Palas, MTTLC student Editing by Robert Fenhagen pentru versiunea română click aici Arriving in New York, Radu had intended to stay a few months, but now, the months had rolled by, and he was still staying with an old friend on Roosevelt Island. One of the […]

Two Head Washes

           by Mircea Daneliuc (Romania) Translated by Nigel Walker & Alina-Olimpia Miron, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici Gelu worships me, the engineer told himself, after having pondered it for a while. Gelu hates me, the same engineer admitted a couple of months later. If he hadn’t taken the car, he might not […]

Here Come the Americans!

by Dumitru Radu Popa (USA) translated from Romanian by Olimpia Mihai pentru versiunea română click aici “We’re coming! We’re coming! Don’t worry!”, the Americans said on the radio at night. “We’re coming! We’re coming!”, grandpa heard up in the attic. I haven’t been through all that, even if I was already born; I was too […]

The Prank

by Răzvan Petrescu [Romania] Translation from Romanian by Dorothy McCarthy and Iris Butnariu, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici     `Mr. Prosecutor, I am innocent!’ `Sure, they all say that…’ The magistrate sat clasped in his armchair, gnawing his nails, with a blank look on his face. The clerk’s quill was running across the […]


by Tantra Bensko (USA) pentru versiunea română click aici   No more, said the small man. No more. He turned, and walked away. That was the beginning of the show. The slight hint of reddened darkness started filling in the filigree of the trees, started dotting the i’s, started smudging the hair of the ladies with […]

Rosemary’s Eyes

by Michael Graeme [United Kingdom] pentru versiunea română click aici   I have no idea what happened. I was driving North along the M1 when suddenly the car swerved out of control. In the blink of an eye, I had crossed three lanes and cut in to the hard shoulder. There, I hit the raised […]

Antineea and the Clouds

by Gheorghe Recheşan [Romania] Finalist of the HBO-Tiff 2010 Competition Translation from Romanian by Wendy Stein and Alina-Olimpia Miron, MTTLC student editing by Michael Graeme [UK] pentru versiunea română click aici   Antineea had been weather-sensitive, for more than a year when I met her.  I believe that was why she had taken up painting […]

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