short story

The man without a penis

Ştefan Bolea (Romania) Translation from Romanian by A C Clarke and Mircea Filimon, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici ‘Whatever may be said to the contrary, such cases do occur – rarely…’ (Gogol) Monday morning Alex woke up without a penis. It had happened before that his cock had shrunk from wearing leather trousers […]

Guilty in America

by Carmen Firan [USA] translation from Romanian by Iris Butnariu [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici It was not Tuesday, nor the 13th, but since morning I had the feeling that things would not go well at all. The lawyer told me at the last minute that he could not come with me to […]

A Fine Day

by Mircea Daneliuc [Romania] translated from Romanian by Nigel Walker & Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici Ştefi got off the tram and opened his umbrella. It had been raining since morning. Actually, it had rained all night long; he hadn’t slept well and having awoken with a start several times, he had […]

Wedding Photos

by Răzvan Petrescu [Romania]  translation from Romanian by Pat Earnshaw & Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC student]  pentru versiunea română click aici  Exactly two weeks before my wedding day, my upstairs neighbour forgot to turn off his kitchen tap. He left it running and everything underneath it was flooded. A large abstract design of  greenish hue appeared […]


by Andrew Kooman [Canada] [Winner of the 2004 Hobson Prize for Fiction]  pentru versiunea română click aici I’m writing this for Nazar, whose language I do not speak, and for the names of his children that I do not know. I write to understand something. If I knew what it was I wouldn’t be writing; […]


by Adrian Sângeorzan [USA] translated from Romanian by Caroline Carver & Iris Butnariu [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici                              I started liking her when I saw her taking blood samples from sick people. When she pricked them with the needle which seemed like a natural continuation of her long and thin fingers, not […]

The Man Who Could not Forget

 by Michael Graeme [United Kingdom] pentru versiunea română click aici    I have a problem with my memory. It isn’t that it ever fails me – quite the opposite, in fact. Indeed, my recall of events from all but the earliest years of my life is truly photographic, so there was little doubt in my […]


by Robert Serban [România] translated from Romanian by Oana-Manuela Mihai [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici For as long as he could remember Sandu Ghiran had worked like a slave, except he wasn’t a slave because he worked for himself alone.  He had toiled like a beast since he was a child until now […]

Great Expectation

by JKS Makokha [Kenya] pentru versiunea  română click aici ****** Memories. Memories. It is uncanny sometimes how memories both stale and fresh keep popping up in one’s mind without an invitation or appointment. Now I remember how many, at home, late last year believed that something terribly great was about to happen in Kenya on New […]

Flaubert’s Hare

by Gheorghe Recheşan [Romania] translation from Romanian by Dorina Burcea [MTTLC student]  pentru versiunea română click aici  Flaubert had a hare. Actually, she was a nubile doe with downy fur resembling the hue of a genuine Ceylonese cinnamon. Maturin, the gardener’s son who’s  weeding out the carrot field, had nicknamed her Emma – with two M’s. […]

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