short story

What’s your name

by Augustin Cupşa translation from Romanian by Andreea Geanina Velicu [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici            Marin Burlacu. He is old, tall and lean. He doesn’t know the meaning of hard labour, either around the household or in the field. He was a technical workshop trainer at a school complex. His cheeks and his […]

Desert Dreams (2)

for Desert Dreams (1) click here   by Adrian Sangeorzan (USA) Translation from Romanian by Caroline Carver, and Iris Butnariu and Andrada Vissarion, MTTLC students   pentru versiunea română click aici          We had to walk 25 miles every day.  It seemed like the most useless and stupidest march in the world because it didn’t go anywhere.  […]


by Răzvan Petrescu ( Romania) Translation from Romanian by Manuela Cazan Edited by Adrian Ioniţă pentru versiunea română click aici     It was a Thursday afternoon, around six o’clock. I had taken my dog out for a potty break, an English Setter with a black spot on its left eye and an excessive urge to pee. […]


                                                                                                      by Robert Şerban (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Philippa Lawrence and Silvia Bratu, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici  If it begins pouring with rain, when you’re waiting for the no. 8 tram at the stop next to the Abattoir, the only place to shelter is the lobby in the block of flats opposite. […]

The Glass (fragment)

by Andrei Mocuța (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Nigel Walker and Gina Liliana Cotoarbă, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici  Hotel Pasteur, Bagnolet As expected, the hotel room was a very modest space, placed right at the end of the hallway along with other five chambers. The room had the shape of an isosceles […]

Two very short stories

 by George Asztalos (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Pat Earnshaw and Simona Daniela Sanda, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici Aqua nobilis (a red story) Back in the time when I was still living in the countryside, at Nadeş (a mixed community of Romanians, Hungarians, Transylvanian Saxons and other ethnic communities,)  in the other […]


by Fabian Anton (Romania) Translation from Romanian by Laura Badea, MTTLC student re-write by Robert Fenhagen pentru versiunea română click aici  Like any cool story, it started off with something silly—even stupid. It had been evening, around eleven p.m., and I’d spotted Dia, and her crew of nutters, but didn’t want to have anything to […]

Guido’s Island

by Gheorghe Recheşan Finalist of the HBO-Tiff 2010 Competition Translation from Romanian by Adrian Ioniţă and Alina Blănaru, MTTLC student pentru versiunea română click aici   Every time I rode my bike on that peaceful street, the houses sheltered by the chestnut-trees with whitewashed stocks would align themselves quietly along the sidewalk and I would see […]

The Mansion

 by Adrian Ioniţă  (USA) Translation from Romanian by Doris Plantus-Runey and Valentina Tache re-write by Robert Fenhagen pentru versiunea română click aici   The intense focus of his eyes reflects the concentration of the man writing about a deserted nineteenth century mansion. A seemingly obscure subject, it has captured his interest to the degree that allows his mind […]

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