short story

The Contest

 by Gheorghe Rechesan translated from Romanian by Melissa Silva and Loredana Adriana Malic pentru versiunea română click aici     We are like roses that have never bothered to   bloom when we should have bloomed and   it is as if   the sun has become disgusted with   waiting  [Charles Bukowski, Finish]     […]


by Victor Loghin [Romania] translated from Romanian by Maria Jastrzębska and Diana Maftei pentru versiunea română click aici                     Alas, poor Yorick !  I knew him Horatio: a fellow                  of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy … Where                  are your gibes now, your gambols, your songs ?                                                                       (Hamlet)   I woke up […]

If cows could fly

by Adrian Ioniţă [USA] translated by Diana Maftei pentru versiunea română click aici   I saw him in a show at the Chicago Art Expo. He was wearing a heavily starched Australian coat and a hat with wide brims like the wings of an eagle. He stopped in front of me and as if I had […]

Golden Retriever

by Gheorghe Recheşan [România] translated from Romanian by: A C Clarke & Alexandra Sârbu pentru versiunea română click aici   1. The frayed pale-grey rope was wet. It had been raining almost all night and the fibres were wet through. Drops of dirty water were trickling from the dog’s yellow-grey fur, a shaggy dog as […]

The Grass on the Walls

by Adrian Sângeorzan [USA] translated from Romanian by: Alina -Olimpia Miron pentru versiunea română click aici   We left at the beginning of winter and in two weeks’ time we arrived there. In full summer. I was nine and I suddenly realized that my own concept of time and space was rather crooked, like a […]

Cherry Cream

by Alexandru Potcoavă [Romania] translated by: Alina-Olimpia Miron [MTTLC] & Philippa Lawrence pentru versiunea română click aici    The poplar leaves were rustling gently, spun by the warm July wind.  Beyond the row of tall trees, the stone-faced embankment, topped with gleaming railway lines, ran like a rampart from Timisoara to Şag Timişeni. On this side […]

How I started kiling my neighbours on a February afternoon

by Cristina Nemerovschi [Romania] translated from Romanian by Philippa Lawrence & Ioana Vilcu [MTTLC student] click aici pentru versiunea română Today I threw away my address book, TV, and mobile phone. I erased all my online contacts and cut the Internet cable. I found an old mobile which still contained the phone numbers of some […]

Good morning darling

by Carmen Firan [USA] translated from Romanian by: Alina Roşu [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici   It had stopped snowing for a long time and now a swift piercing wind had laid siege to the town blowing the snow as if a mantle of white pepper that cut your face and heated your […]

White Roses

by Cornel Nistea [Romania] translated from Romanian by: Nigel Walker & Alina-Olimpia Miron pentru versiunea română click aici   Many years later, I came across T. on the street. She didn’t look well at all. She had lost so much weight and had such a tired appearance, I almost didn’t recognize her. I instantly asked […]

Letter from the after-sea

by Coriolan Chelu [Romania] translated from Romanian by: Angela Kirby & Mirona Palas [MTTLC student] pentru versiunea română click aici Hi there!   You know I have been at the seaside this summer but I haven’t told you what came next. How I entered the block of flats with my luggage on my back and […]

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